SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Family Day out for Becks Jr’s ear piercing

While Romeo Beckham has inherited his mother Victoria’s love of fashion — the 12-year-old was unveiled as the star of Burberry’s Christmas campaign earlier this month — his older brother Brooklyn is taking after his father, David Beckham.
The 39-year-old former England captain, who is as famous for his body art as his footballing skills, accompanied Brooklyn to Claire’s Accessories in Westfield shopping centre, close to the Beckhams’ family home in West London, over the weekend for his first ear piercing.
It was clearly regarded as an important rite of passage as they were also joined by Brooklyn’s mother and his younger brother Cruz, nine. 
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David Beckham (right) accompanied son Brooklyn (left with mother Victoria) to Claire’s Accessories in Westfield shopping centre over the weekend for his first ear piercing – and the whole family joined them
Brooklyn, 15, is already following in his father’s nimble footsteps having signed with Arsenal’s under-16 team and is no doubt keen to emulate him off the pitch too. 
Beckham Snr wears studs in both ears.
Despite being entrusted with piercing the eldest Beckham child’s ear, Claire’s Accessories, a U.S.-founded store ubiquitous in UK shopping malls, almost ruined the special moment by posting a picture of the family crammed into the shop’s back office on social media.

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‘The store went crazy,’ a source explains.
‘We had to take Brooklyn out the back to do the piercing.’
One of the store’s employees captured an image of the backroom scene showing the family crowded around while a member of staff holds a clipboard and appears to be asking them questions.
The picture was posted online and seen by many before it was hastily removed for fear of upsetting the Beckhams.
The Beckhams famously caused an outcry in 2005 when Romeo, then two, was pictured with an ear stud.

‘It looks good,’ said David at the time. ‘He’s had it for a long, long time.’
In recent years the piercing appears to have closed up, however, and Romeo does not sport any earrings in his new Burberry campaign, for which he was apparently paid £45,000.
  Nicole defies the censors
Despite the British Board of Film Classification not deeming Paddington suitable for children of all ages, the film’s leading lady Nicole Kidman has no qualms about taking her young daughters, Sunday Rose, six, and three-year-old Faith (pictured with their mother), to see it.
As I reported last week the movie was given a Parental Guidance rating rather than a Universal, due to ‘innuendo’ in a scene which sees Hugh Bonneville, as Mr Brown, disguising himself as a cleaning woman and being flirted with by a security guard.
Paddington’s leading lady Nicole Kidman has no qualms about taking her young daughters, Sunday Rose, six, and three-year-old Faith (pictured with their mother), to see it, despite censors giving it a PG rating
‘My children haven’t seen it yet,’ Kidman told me at the film’s premiere on Sunday.

‘But we’ll be buying tickets to see it together next week.’
Surely Paddington producer David Heyman, who presumably made a mint producing the Harry Potter franchise, could afford to give her some free tickets.
  Tamara’s pain over home sale
Socialite Tamara Beckwith appears to be getting off to a rocky start with her new stepmother.
Her father, property magnate Peter Beckwith, married society hostess Vivien McLean in June, two years after Tamara’s mother, Paula, died of cancer.
Vivien immediately decided to put the family’s Wimbledon mansion up for sale at £16.5 million, even though it was filled with memories of Paula, who helped renovate the once-derelict property.
Anouska and mother Tamara (pictured) say the sale of the house has been hard on them
‘It has been hard on my mother and me because it was my grandmother’s masterpiece,’ says Tamara’s daughter Anouska, 27. 
‘She put her heart and soul into every room…

but I can understand why you would want to [sell it].’
Anouska suggests Vivien paid scant attention to their views. ‘For us, it’s a selfish reason, but obviously it’s not about me and my mum, so you have to accept these things.’
  Dustin Hoffman stars in a BBC1 Christmas adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot, as a retiree who tries to woo his neighbour, daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya Dench, with the help of 100 tortoises. 
‘I had a pet tortoise which I taught how to crawl under the fence,’ he reveals.
‘But he made his way out into the traffic and got run over.

I was given another tortoise on my 70th birthday so I do now have a tortoise named “70”.’
  Will Ukip’s new MP Mark Reckless remain on the Home Affairs Select Committee? 
He was a member when he was a Tory MP and I hear the committee’s Labour chairman, oily Keith Vaz, wants him kept on it now that he is a Ukipper — even though it may officially be a slot reserved for a Tory.
Will Ukip’s new MP Mark Reckless (pictured) remain on the Home Affairs Select Committee?
The Tories may not be as averse to the idea of Reckless staying put as you might think, for two reasons. 
One, few of them can bear the idea of working with Vaz. 
Second, committee work would consume a lot of Reckless’s time and stop him campaigning to retain his narrow majority in Rochester, which the Tories are confident they can win back at the General Election in May.
  Testing times for Emily Thornberry MP, after falling out with Ed Miliband over tweeting a picture of the white van man during last week’s by-election. 
At least she can expect full support from her in-laws.
Her husband Sir Christopher Nugee is a judge educated at Radley and Oxford. 
Several members of the Nugee clan, including Christopher’s brothers John, a banker, Andrew, a businessman, and Richard, a major-general serving in Afghanistan, went to £33,000-a-year Radley College, which is not the kind of school Ed Miliband cares for.
Perhaps Emily and General Richard could plot her comeback whilst enjoying a bracing day out with Radley’s pack of beagles — with not a single white van blotting the landscape.
  Ed Miliband declared in the summer that he would abandon photo ops, but his deputy Harriet Harman understands the value of a cheesy shot.
‘The highlight of our Labour Party conference this year was not my speech, but the visit to the set of Coronation Street,’ Harman told the media in Salford.
‘People were squashed in the rush of Shadow Cabinet members queuing to be photographed pulling a pint in the Rovers Return.’
There must be an election on.
   Boris swoons over Jennifer
Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pictures were leaked online earlier this year — and by all accounts they were far from transcendental
London Mayor Boris Johnson recruited a new ally on his recent trip to New York in his ambition to be prime minister — Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, whom he met when they were guests on CBS’s Late Show With David Letterman.

‘I had a very good talk with Jennifer Lawrence,’ Boris said.
‘She is very clever, charming and brilliant.

The Oscar-winning actress’s nude pictures were leaked online earlier this year — and by all accounts they were far from transcendental.
  Prince Harry returned to London from Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix yesterday. 
Flying with Etihad, the UAE national carrier, the Prince clearly managed to remain incognito. 
As the cabin crew prepared for landing, they began handing out immigration cards to passengers. 
One trolly dolly politely asked Harry: ‘Do you have a European passport, sir?’
On a recent flight Prince Harry was politely asked by trolly dolly: ‘Do you have a European passport, sir?’
  Morton and a royal plot
Spotted at a performance of King Charles III at London’s Almeida theatre: Royal author Andrew Morton, whose 1992 biography Diana blew the lid off the Prince and Princess of Wales’ marital woes.
The play imagines Prince Charles finally ascending the throne, but being forced to abdicate thanks to William’s scheming. 
What did Morton make of it?
‘I loved it,’ he tells me.

‘In true Shakespearian style, it is the Catherine Middleton character who encourages Prince William to plunge the knife, at least metaphorically, into his father’s heart.
‘One to watch, that girl.

And for Charles to watch out for…’

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