Highest Paying Skills for Field engineer Vs field technician

The field engineer may have different roles depending on the industry and the company he works for. As a rule, they are responsible for handling all customer support tickets at various facilities. The most common responsibilities of field personnel are installation, repair, maintenance, system upgrades and on-site testing.

To find a field technician that finest suits your needs, it is very important to write a clear and concise job description for the field technician.

Field engineer Vs field technician

The titles of the post are interesting things. We want them, we strive for them and sometimes we are required to invent them. The nature of our work usually determines the title we have. And if our work is highly specialized, it is more likely that there are a number of titles that are similar but actually have different meanings. The same is true of service technicians and field engineers.

There are currently 52,972 jobs available to field technicians at Indeed. That is, with 7,000 more registrations than at this time last year. And there are 53,429 jobs for field technicians. Also around 7,000 more than at this time last year. This is a significant increase in demand for these roles. And there is a lack of talent that prevents field organizations from growing and achieving the high levels of CSAT they desire. In a webinar, we tackled this challenge.

But what is the difference between a field technician and a field engineer? Are they more or less the same profession? Is one happier in his work than the other? By the way, we can both be happier.

At first glance, the differences between these two roles are not so clear. An engineer could mean a professional diploma, and the technician might be mastering a job. However, an engineer does not necessarily need a four-year diploma, and a technician can boast a range of professional qualifications, making him a rare talent. While reviewing some job descriptions, both a field technician and a field service engineer job description :

  •         Response and fulfillment of work orders
  •         Installation and maintenance of equipment
  •         Diagnosis and troubleshooting of mechanical or technical problems
  •         Follow the safety regulations
  •         Interact with clients and respond to their concerns

How do you differentiate these goals from the core of both roles? The differences are nuanced and usually appear on several levels. While some of the skills, team interactions and service focus are the same for both positions, here are some ways the two roles may differ.

When are field technicians and engineers released from overtime?

In short, the vast majority of field technicians and engineers are not exempt from additional payment.


This means that every working hour that exceeds the 40 working weeks delivered is considered an overtime. Field technicians are entitled to compensation of one and a half hours of their regular hourly wage. Field service laws continue to differentiate between exempt technicians and non-exempt technicians, but ongoing design remains in Pennsylvania and beyond. The ESF and the CSE have the right to pay overtime.

work program

The job of a field worker can be very stressful as it must be constantly on the move when it receives a call from the client and must be on the spot. He / she must be flexible and sometimes have to work on weekends and holidays, depending on the urgency of the situation.

Salary information

The salary of a field engineer depends on the geographical location, the type of industry and the size of the company he works for. The minimum initial salary is between $ 30,000 and $ 34,000, while the maximum may be between $ 80,000 and $ 125,000.

career prospects

The service industry is growing enormously and therefore the demand for field staff will certainly increase. This is definitely one of the most rewarding and profitable career opportunities. If your performance is excellent, your career prospects are truly brilliant.

So, if you want to settle in this area, make sure that you are able to effectively and efficiently perform the field engineer’s duties. This will continue to help you take your career to new heights.

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