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The game is a combination of strategy and card. This description seems to me the most precise and best describes the specificity of the title. In the game, we have to collect character cards, which we then delegate to fight in a small arena. Each card has a specific mana cost – from 1 to 5 points, and this is limited. It’s true that it’s growing all the time, but it’s slow, so mindlessly sending the strongest units to fight does not make any sense.
But the most important thing is the goal that stands before us – we must destroy the opponent’s castle. Each player has a total of 3 buildings – a castle and two side towers. To destroy the headquarters, you must first destroy at least one tower. It depends on us whether we will first take care of destroying both towers, or if only one will fall to our quarry, and then we will take the main castle. To a large extent it depends on the course of a given duel, but about it in a moment.

I gave myself a lot of time to familiarize myself with the new Supercell production. The creators of such hits as Clash Royale hack and Boom Beach once again want to win the hearts and wallets of players, this time with the help of Clash Royale hack. And they can do it, and I’m sure they will succeed!
What’s going on at Clash Royale android hack?

The game is a combination of strategy and card. This description seems to me the most precise and best describes the specificity of the title. In the game, we have to collect character cards, which we then delegate to fight in a small arena. Each card has a specific mana cost – from 1 to 5 points, and this is limited. It’s true that it’s growing all the time, but it’s slow, so mindlessly sending the strongest units to fight does not make any sense.

But the most important thing is the goal that stands before us – we must destroy the opponent’s castle. Each player has a total of 3 buildings – a castle and two side towers. To destroy the headquarters, you must first destroy at least one tower. It depends on us whether we will first take care of destroying both towers, or if only one will fall to our quarry, and then we will take the main castle. To a large extent it depends on the course of a given duel, but about it in a moment.

Destroying the castle always ends the duel. But the battles also have a time limit. If before 2 minutes and 55 seconds the situation in the arena is tied (eg each player destroys one opponent’s tower), there is extra time. This takes place in accordance with the “sudden death” principle, that is, whoever destroys the enemy building first, he wins. If we destroy only the enemy tower, we will win it anyway. This is a situation in which the destruction of weaker towers is a better decision than dealing with an opponent’s castle.
Think tactically

Each unit has different skills and statistics. Choosing the right one is key at Clash Royale hack. For example, the giant does not fight with other units and immediately heads towards the buildings. At the same time, he is very strong, but terribly slow. In turn, the strength of the army of skeletons lies in their numbers, because each one is weak. Perfect for destroying enemy units, but not those that use bombs or blows everyone around. Against such figures, the army of skeletons will fall quickly and will not fulfill their role. I could exchange it forever. The dependencies between individual units and tactical tricks are many – knowing them all and matching our deck of cards is the key to victory.

If you play Clash Royale hack long enough, maybe most of these tips will be obvious to you. Nevertheless, I hope that at least some of them will prove useful to someone. Climbing the ranking ladder is a specific thing – at the beginning it is easy, because upgrades of card levels do their job – and are relatively frequent. The above, the card updates become more distant, and the tactics we use become more and more important.

Ability to count the elixir. A very useful and necessary thing is the ability to estimate how many potions an opponent has at a given moment. This allows you to better estimate what next steps to take during the game. If we know that the opponent has a “full tank”, we would probably prefer to play carefully and be prepared to refute a solid attack. On the other hand – if we are aware that the opponent used the majority of the potion for the attack, which we repulsed cheaply, then we can afford a cool counter-which he will not be able to fight off. There is no need to estimate the potion with accuracy for the individual. It is important not to focus on this whole attention. At the beginning, awareness of “more or less” is enough. Is it “empty”, is it “full” or is it half? In order to learn this, it is worth to observe what cards have been in motion, and you must remember how much the card costs. After the fight – it’s worth watching the replay of your game. The revision shows the levels of potions on both sides. Watching the replay, we can analyze whether we were good at estimating whether we did not miss any nice opportunity to attack.

Memorizing opponent’s cards. Another important thing. Remember that what the opponent has and sends to us is not random. There are 8 cards in each deck. The cards are arranged in the so-called rotation. At the beginning, let’s play conservatively, to know what cards our opponent has and in what order they jump in to use him. We do not want to let Minion Horde go when we know that the opponent has arrows ready for use. We do not want to let go of Giant when we know that the Inferno Tower is just waiting for him. This is why we remember the cards and their rotations to more effectively construct their attacks. Some decks are based on the bait strategy (ie spell bait). The strategy is to have several cards in the deck that will tempt the enemy to use the spell. Example: Sceleton Army, Princess, Hog, Goblin Barrel. By letting the opponent down to use his spell (arrows, zap, log) on ​​the Sceleton Army or Princess, we can let go of the Hog + GB combo. Even if Hoga can be easily neutralized, GB will do a lot of damage, because the spell will not be in the current rotation.

Learn deeply the mechanics of the cards you play. A lot of cards have their “flavors”. Zap can not only destroy the weak units, but also causes retargeting (the enemy changes the chosen target to the nearest one at the moment, inferno dragon / tower / sparky are starting to load again, etc.). With the help of Tornado, you can drag Hoga (and not only) from the turret to the main lock, which causes its activation and, as a result, increases our defense. Miner does not deal much damage with himself, but it is a great tank for (even the Kindred) Minion Horde or Goblin Barrel. It’s worth to look at the network of videos as other people play cards that we use.

Supersensitivity in resisting attacks. A lot of the philosophy of the game is based on the fact that the opponent’s attack should be repulsed with a smaller amount of elixir than the opponent used. If it works – we gain an advantage that we can use to counter-attack. However, in order for the attack to be effective, we need to do it in a thoughtful way and combine the cards in such a way as to complement their weaknesses (eg Prince + Valkiria in front). A common mistake is “throwing everything you can”, just to repulse the attack. It is worth considering whether it is necessary. To make the attack fend off as cheaply as possible, then to construct the counter in a more sensible way. Another example of erroneous overzealousness is the use of a card to repel an enemy unit that you can probably ignore. Are you only Mega Minion from 1/2 of your life? Maybe he will not reach the tower at all. Are you going to Valkiria from 1/3 of your life? It’s worth considering whether to release the card at all, even if it would have to deal 100 hp. This is of course very relative – it depends on the stage of the game, the amount of HP on the tower and whether or not it can be used for a later attack. By fending off attacks, it’s worth keeping in mind the profit and loss balance. Using 5 elixirs to repulse the attack, which would only cause minimal damage, may be pointless. There are no strict rules here, it is worth keeping this balance in mind.

Forgetting that your tower also deals damage to the opponent. It’s much cheaper to fight off the attack, taking advantage of the fact that the tower itself also defends itself. During defense, it’s worth to put cards in such a way that the enemy unit can maximize time to reach our turret. The longer it runs on our side of the arena, the more HP loses. Here, beginners make a few mistakes: for example, they send their unit too early, the take-off takes place “out of reach” of the tower. It is worth waiting a moment to fight more on your side and gain additional support from your turret. Location of the card. If we place it in the middle, the enemy unit must pass additional fields, has a longer route to the turret. In some cases, this also allows you to get fire from both towers.

Wasting a potion. The elixir reaches 10, and then stands still, does not accumulate. Before the opponent releases the card, you can, of course, let the potion stay in place, because none of the players gains the advantage of the potion. However, if the opponent releases the unit at the back of his castle, and we wait for it to come closer to play, for example, inferno tower, then we lose the precious elixir, which is already regenerated by the opponent. It is worth remembering not to leave empty runs. Cards should be released at the latest when the elixir reaches 9.5. When we wait for an equal 10, we lose a bit too, because the deployment of the unit takes a while. The only justification for a little waste is the situation where we are sure that waiting a little while – we will save the potion much more.

Overcommitment, or over-investment in a potion. Both defense and attack. If “we are getting zero”, then if the opponent can count the potion – he will use it very brutally, for example by attacking the second tower.

An important element of the game in Clash Royale android hack are the cards that are used during the fight. The better the deck and strategy, the greater the chance of winning. There are 73 cards available that can be played at the price of points that regenerate automatically every few seconds. At Clash Royale hack, there are 11 battle arenas available to players, which can be unlocked by collecting the appropriate number of trophies. The winner of the battle can receive a reward, which, however, opens only after a certain period of time. The contents of an ordinary silver chest can be obtained after three hours, and in the case of legendary and magical chests you have to wait 24 hours.
Clash Royale hack allows players to create clans that allow, among other things, to play with friends, exchange cards and conduct skirmishes, which, however, do not bring benefits in the form of trophies and chests.
Clash Royale hack is a free-to-play strategy, so the player can use the basic free game features, but also make a payment, which will allow for a wider opportunity to challenge duels, organize tournaments, buy new cards, and will be able to speed up the opening boxes with prizes.

There are many reasons why you should learn to count the level of the enemy’s elixir. In this article, we will describe the phenomenon of potion overinvestment. This is one of the basic mistakes made by novice players.
So when is over-investment? Generally, the potion level should be respected and always try to leave a margin. Overinvestment occurs when the opponent uses all his potion supply for a single wave of attack. If you are able to block this shock wave in a cheap way (there are ways and this is part of the “Control” tactics), then you are on your way to exploiting your opponent’s error.
While the opponent is completely out of energy, there is a moment of a few seconds when you can take the assault on the enemy’s unprotected turret. The following are important here:

your unit attacking the opposite turret should be fast – to reach the target in time before the enemy replenishes his energy supply. You can use here Hog Rider, Minion Horde, Elite Barbarians or even Sceleton Army (the cheaper the attack, the better)
you must be sure that you will repulse the assault attack on the other side (the one that caused the overinvestment)
and of course – you must have a potion supply to be able to carry out this attack
It is relatively difficult to counter this: it is necessary to estimate well that the opponent must be pumped out of energy, you have to have enough energy and you have to disarm a powerful attack.
A much safer alternative to using overinvestment is simply cheap to fight off this big assault, gather on your side a large number of units that will perform a counter-attack on the same side.
Anyway, in both cases the most important factor here is to develop the ability to repel attacks in a cheap way, so that the energy balance would be a plus. But about this in another article.

This is the first kind of strategy with which everyone begins: it comes naturally, which does not mean that this strategy must be primitive.
Cross the bridge and blow up the tower, winning the battle with units defending it. The main rule: the game takes place on the side of the enemy to destroy his building.
The card sets (decks) set to the strategy of type “Punishment” are pro-active, aimed at sending “waves” of attacks. Each attack wave consists of several cards that work synergistically with each other. A typical example of such a wave is the combination of Giant + Musketeer. Separately, none of them has little chance to do anything, but sent together they come into synergy (Giant with a large amount of HP shields the Musketeer, moves forward and pulls on each shot.) Musketeer fires the enemy, including flying units). Finding card calls that work together and abuse their properties is the key to winning this strategy.
Will it be a low cost attack (eg Goblins + Spear Goblins), or more than a 10-potion super attack (eg Golem + Wizard), these attacks are designed so that if the enemy does not repel them, they will destroy the tower.
Some of the Killing decks are designed in a specific way: they have very many cards of the same type (eg a horde of small units) that the enemy has no counterattacks – when he uses arrows on the Sceleton Army, he can be attacked by Minion Horde after a while. Another example of such decks is often the accumulation of flying units – it is difficult to fight such a deck if you have only one anti-air unit.

Everyone who associates the “Clash Royale hack” mobile game will surely enjoy the “Clash Royal online game with other players in the world in real time. This is an amazing game for iPhone and Android devices, which you will not want to stop playing.
The good news is that Clash Royale hack is like ten thousand times better than the previous Supercell production. Just like in “Game of War” or “Clash Royale hack”, you need an internet connection to play “Clash Royale android hack”.
Thanks to the fact that each game in Clash Royale hack is unique, it makes it one of the most playable mobile games in the world. Each battle is potentially the next step to a higher level and the discovery of new characters that can be used in competitions with other players. The downside is just that if you do not have access to a network or Wi-Fi, you have fun threads.

This type of strategy is a natural reaction to seeing how you can “trade in energy” during the fight. When you use Miner Horde for the first time with Arrows, or Giant with Sceleton Army – you can think: what if I would do it throughout the entire game?
It turns out that you can! Welcome to the Control Strategy. Here you are reflecting the enemy’s attacks in such a way that “energy trade” comes out to you as a plus. Once your opponent has exhausted his energy, you enter the attack using a very specific attack strategy consisting of 2-3 cards. In a nutshell: you fight on your side (defense first), and only from units that survive – you form a counterattack.

This strategy is not the simplest. You need to feel when you launch your attack on the enemy tower. The sense of how much the Elixir has become your opponent is crucial to making the best decisions. You may get the impression that the control strategy is mostly defensive, but knowing when to switch to “attack mode” is here the factor that distinguishes good players from the weaker ones.

You just used Tombstone on Prince, and after a while you used Arrows on Minion Horde. You have an advantage of 4 to 0 in energy points and you have Hog Rider in hand. What are you doing?
if you do not have Freeze, fire the Hog Rider right away. Hog Rider will reach the opponent’s tower when he has ~ 2 Elixir and will not be able to stop the attack
but if you have Freeze, wait for your Elixir to reach 6, then release the Hog and freeze the opponent to maximize the effect.
Note that in both scenarios you do not have to wait until you reach the 9.5 elixir, as you would normally do in the strategy of Puncing.
The Control Strategy is one of the most difficult, but the most satisfying.

The siege strategy is easily confused with Control. The difference is that in siege you use buildings proactively (for attack, not defense). First, you create a fortress shielding your tower when it is ‘safe’, you use a card that will start attacking your opponent’s tower from your half, thereby forcing him to pass to your side of the bridge or lose his turret. This may be Barb / Goblin Hut, X-Bow, Mortar, it is important that the opponent feels obliged to play aggressively so as not to lose the turret.
The siege boards are specific, you’ve definitely met them. 90% of such clashes end with a score of 1-0 for one of the parties.

Which strategy to choose? It depends on you. The trick is to feel really comfortable with the cards you play. Get to know them “from the inside” and know all their properties. This causes that with decks we should experiment rather carefully, exchange one – two cards at a time and look how it works. Replacing the entire deck will immediately result in the fact that we will not be able to evaluate it well, because the new deck always plays rather poorly at the beginning.
You should also think about how to counter specific opponent strategies.

The arena on which the battle takes place is divided in half and at the beginning you can place your units only on your side, which are wandering along two designated paths leading to the bridges. The success of winning is choosing the right tactics. You can send as many units as possible and try to make a quick blitz on the opponent, or choose the right defensive units that will ensure effective defense and attack.
Clash Royale android hack game is free and has an in-app purchase option, but you can easily play with the same opportunities without the need to buy additional coins and jewels. If you want to spend money, you can buy a lot of additional items to quickly unlock the chests of stones, which you can also get by regularly looking into the application.

The best thing, however, is that you do not have to spend a penny and the game at Clash Royale android hack is still very good and does not negate your chances of winning. The latest game from Supercell is currently one of the most-playable iOS titles with the multiplayer option. I will not lie if I say that I run this game every day for 10-15 minutes 🙂 So I am warning that game lovers can get addicted quickly.
Thanks to the fact that the matches are short (no more than five minutes, even in the case of sudden death), it’s disturbingly easy to say “OK, the last game and I go to sleep” 🙂 The more you play and you win, the better your chances of unlocking next levels and the more new levels and units (hence the new measures), the more you want to play – that’s how it works!

Arrows: Definitely one of the best counters for the past and army of skeletons, as well as other cards with a small amount of HP – you kill them on the arrow thanks to this spell.

Fireball: You can use this card to defend yourself. You should keep this card to counter large HP units such as Valkyrie, prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A, witch or knight. You can also use this during an offensive game to deal direct damage to your opponent’s turret. I would suggest, however, not to do it often, because it will be quite susceptible to the aforementioned forces.

Musketeer: Great versus tank and dragon. You should use this defense card because it usually leads to a counter-attack. During the offensive, put her behind a giant.

Knight: It works as a spare tank. If you defend yourself and need someone to refuel, it will be the perfect unit because, unlike the giant, he does not ignore the soldiers.

The game boils down to taking part in online duels with other players. They take the form of maximally simplified MOBA matches, played on small arenas, located entirely on the screen of a smartphone / tablet. The goal of the game is to overthrow the enemy king. We do this by sending out offensive paths to the designated paths. At the same time, we must take care of our own monarch. Spells, defensive structures (eg guard towers) and other soldiers are used for this purpose. In Clash Royale android hack, there are also elements typical of card games. We spend the time between battles building the best deck of cards (Battle Deck), representing individual units or playing (eg magic). We also received the opportunity to set up Klans – their members can exchange cards, thus increasing their chances in clashes with representatives of hostile groups. Technical issues A colorful, fairytale universe, kept in the convention of medieval fantasy (with the identical solution we had to deal with Clash Royale android hack), perfectly fits into the concept of gameplay that developers from the Supercell studio served. The whole was designed in a neat and readable way, conducive to playing fast network matches.

Supercell Studio is one of the most successful mobile game developers, each game achieves a big, if not huge, success. It’s enough to mention that the company has Clash Royale android hack and Boom Beach, which is one of the most popular strategies. Clash Royale android hack is another one, you have to say that you have a successful position in the company’s achievements, although some mishaps have not happened. The title is really a mix of several genres of video games. On the one hand, it is very, but it is very simplified MOBA, on the other there is no lack of elements of tower defense, in the breaks between meetings we play with something like a card game, and all this complement the social aspects. This seemingly strange and illogical mix, in practice, performs excellently, offering simple and transparent rules and fast, but addictive gameplay. The design works well on small screens, but do not think it’s a trivial production. Available units are really a lot, and each of them has strengths and weaknesses.

Getting to know them takes time, so creating the perfect deck is not easy. In addition, despite the fact that the matches are very fast, they require us to be patient and carefully follow the next moves, because the use of charges is limited by the regenerating energy system. Quite easily, we can lead to a situation in which the enemy sends a group of enemies to us, and we will not be able to oppose him. Social elements also perform well. We can assume or join existing clans, which gives us some benefits. First of all, we fight for the position of our team in the world ranking. In addition, we socialize, support our colleagues with cards, ask them for the necessary units or just chat. The biggest problem of Clash Royale android hack is the business model chosen by the creators. Like the previous applications of the Supercell studio, this one also uses a free-to-play micropayment system. There are several currencies available in the game, and additionally a boring system of prizes hidden in the chests has been used. Unfortunately, opening them takes time (from a few to a dozen or so hours), one can not pick two loots at once, and we have only four places on the chest. This means that we will spend money to speed up the opening process, or we will spend most of our time turning games in which we do not win anything, and we only fight for cups.

For creating and releasing Clash Royale android hack, the Supercell studio is involved in the production of mobile games. Clash Royale hack is a title based on the free-to-play system. It was released on March 2, 2016 and immediately became the most downloaded application in the US. The game has gained a lot of popularity among players, as well as received many nominations and prizes
The plot of the game Clash Royale hack refers to the previous mobile game studio Supercell, Clash Royale hack. The player goes to the same universe, where as the ruler of the kingdom undertakes the mission of expanding the borders of the state.
Clash Royale hack game is based on duels with other players, during which you must defend your castle and strive to destroy the fortress of the opponent. Victory refers to the player who destroys more towers or captures an enemy castle.

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