Dec 15

DIY Garden Hose Hanger

A new hose reel can set you pack more than $50 and you have to reel them in which is never much fun.

With this design you don’t need to reel in your hose and you can add a bit of creativity to your hose hanger and people will love it.

Using an old wheel can make a perfect hose hanger. Simple take your hose and loop it around the wheel. check the best wheelbarrow for garden 2018.

You can hang the wheel on your fence or mount it to your wall.

A bucket makes an interesting hose hanger.

Although it’s not really hanging…

I learned this technique while living on a farm they would store there hoses in buckets and collect any water that drained out of the hose in order to reuse it.

You can also throw a piece of plastic over it to protect your bucket and hose.

An old fence post or metal post can also make a stylish garden hose hook.

There’s not much you need to do here. Simply dig a hole and cement the metal into the ground and then drill a hook onto the post.

Article Source: Aerocart Review